For the most important day in your life!

The best of comfort for the most important day in one's life! Wedding is important because it is a unique day. Mistakes or delays are not allowed, as poor competence or hitches, in our wedding location in Molise.

Here one can live a perfect day in any detail: from the attention paid in the setting of the venue, to the lightness and harmony in the displaying of the dishes, by always the most important character in the nuptial banquet, all with the main aim to let this day becoming the most beautiful one, to be remembered for the rest of one's life.

The Hotel Dora is more than a cozy and elegant hotel but also the right choice for your unforgettable moments, for your ceremonies in the Province of Isernia.

Our restaurant rooms in Molise can host any kind of event, congresses or meeting, in the wide business rooms that can host up to 900 persons, 3 independent rooms that can each host 300, 250 and 200 persons and à la carte room for 150 persons.







Dora Ricevimenti is an exclusive location that can host any kind of events, in the Province of Isernia; we are well known thanks to our cooking.

Our experience at your disposal

Pino Marino and Adriano Cozzolino, our chef, propose the best specialities of the Molisana cooking, that are made by using the most fresh and genuine local raw ingredients.

Flagship of our hotel is the attention by always paid to restaurant. The ancient food traditions are reviseted and enhanced by our chef. Tastes of the molisana cooking are based on simple dishes, made by wisely choosing the best raw ingredients.


In Molise, at the Hotel Dora, the events become exclusive and prestigious thanks to the special attention paid by the staff in the planning of any event and in the cooking. Our chefs add an extra value to cooking because they also teach their art, by giving life to a real cooking school into our venue.

The experience in the making of our dishes, the valued combination of tastes and ingredients, the aware use of selected raw ingredients, both on the local territory both on the national territory, are told and illustrated through interesting and surprising cooking courses.

Typical Items

For all the events, the chef will do special menu by using the best raw ingredients from Molise. The Region, indeed, is rich of high quality raw materials, that perfectly reflect the two faces of the territory: the sea, on one hand; the mountains, on the other hand.

Local cooking is inspired by the pastoral tradition, performed by cheeses like the Caciocavallo from Agnone and the Manteca or by dishes like the pezzata (made with boiled sheep), by cold cuts as the Signora di Conca Casale (made of loin, shoulder of ham, fat by the bacon, all flavored by herbs), the Capofreddo (Molisana coppa), the liver sausage from Rionero Sannitico. The marine cooking tradition toois really appreciated and has one of its best moments in the salted codfish "arracanato", cooked in a baking tray into the chimney, covered with ashes and then flavored with bread, pine nuts, raisins, olives and little tomatoes.

Also available are prestigious products as the truffle, known as the "black gold of the Molise".

Discovering Molise:
the little oasis of Italy

The Hotel Dora is in Pozzilli, in the Province of Isernia, a land made of breathtaking landscapes, Medieval villages, castles, reserves, ancient traditions and hidden treasures.

From the sea to the mountain, this Region reserves great surprises to its visitors. By exploring the territory, indeed, it is possible to plunged himself into natural reserves and oasis, with a rare beauty and a great naturalistic value (WWF Oasi in Guardiagregia - Campochiaro, Lipu Oasi in Casacalenda, Natural Reserve in Montedimezzo), or at the presence of majestic castles and striking villages, among the most beautiful and interesting in Italy (Sepino, Froolone, Agnone, Scapoli, Ferrazzano).

There is also an excellent food and wine tradition, that is inspired above all by the agricultural identity of the Region; it is also possible to live again the Sanniti history through the well preserved archaeological areas.

Get married in Molise means also to surround himself by a majestic, striking landscape, rich in each senses, naturalistic and cultural!


Its reserves and oasis


Authentic, various, diversified


Traditions of the Molise

History & Culture

Get married in Molise and choosing a scenographic Region of the Center of Italy, rich in history and treasures, it is also a way to better know this land and a century old history. This Region, was indeed the land of the Sanniti people, who came from the Sabina and moved there looking for new places where to settle and expand their influence: the reason why they often have fought against the Romans.

There were a lot of battles till the definition of the land of Molise, as we know it, in 1963, when the Province of Campobasso was divided from the Abruzzo and, following, in 1970 were instituted the Province of Isernia.


A Park for Events

Dora Ricevimenti is one of the most important and big locations for events in Molise, thanks to its wide spaces, compound by a big park and many rooms.

Once entered the Restaurant Park, one is plunged into a wide park, 30.000 sm, made of different gardens, enhanced by local and exotic trees; there are also 2 amazing swimming pools, that make our venue among the most striking ones in Molise.

In summer, gardens and pools are the perfect set for photoshootings, thanks to the romantic light games but also for your receptions and events. Plan a banquet or buffet fro your wedding, into the scenographic park, let the Guests will live joyful and comfortable moments.



The Hotel Dora, in Molise, is not only an hotel but also a venue for weddings and events. Its wide spaces, indeed, are perfect to host many different kind of events, food and wine events devoted to typical products or to the last news in the local or national cooking.

Events & Promotions

Dora Ricevimenti

Is also the venue of your Civil Ceremony

Events & Promotions

Special Bride and Groom

For your wedding day.

Events & Promotions

Special Birthdays

The right location to celebrate your birthday!


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